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Book Publication Of E&TC Department

Sr. No. Name of the Book/chapter Author Name Details Of Publication Year Of Publication
1 Automatic waste segregator and monitoring system Dr.R.G.Mapari ASIN: B0925Z6JJQ 2021
2 Automatic waste segregator and monitoring system Dr.R.G.Mapari ASIN: B0925Z6JJQ 2021
3 Microstrip Multiband Antenna for Wireless Applications: Design and Simulation Mr.K.B. Bhangale, Mrs.T.D.Dhamale ASIN: B093H55J5N 2021
4 Neural network in Library Automation Mr.K.B.Wane, Mr.K.M.Napte, Mr.K.B.Bhangale ASIN: B093QHN44L 2021
5 Making India Paperless using Cloud for Documentation: A step towards Digital India Mrs.V.S.KumbharMr.K.B. BhangaleMrs.M.S.Andhare Mrs. A. A. Tekade ASIN: B093H3CSHM 2021
6 Bank ATM Security : By using Image Processing Mrs.D.N.Dhake, Ms.R.R.Kawade ASIN: 1639049037 2021
7 Underwater Signal & Image Processing: An Experimentation Ms.R.R.KawadeMrs.T.D. Dhamale ASIN: B093B9XS1X ISBN-13 : 979-8741342985 2021
8 E-BIKE EFFICIENT WIRELESS CHARGING SYSTEM: Smart way for battery charging Mrs. A. A. TekadeMrs.V.S.KumbharMrs.M.S.Andhare ASIN: B093XRN3TQ 2021
9 Electrical Circuits Dr.R.G.Mapari 978-81-947209-0-4 2020
10 Analysis and Design of Single phase Bi-Directional Power Converter Dr.R.G.Mapari, Mr. R. S. Parbat 978-620-2-51823-9 2020
11 Bit Error Rate Performance Analysis of DS- CDMA over AWGN channel Mrs. V.S.Kumbhar, Mrs.D.N.Dhake, Ms.R.R.Kawade 978-620-2-51978-6 2020
12 DWT Complex Wavelet Transform and THFB for iris Recognition Prof Santosh Randive 978-620-2-53146-7 LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2019-20
13 Hybrid Scalable and Efficient Routing Method for WSN Prof Kiran Napte LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2019-20
14 Dual Polarized Multi Band Micro strip Antena Prof Rahul Parbat LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2019-20
15 Implementation of MEMAC Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network Prof Triveni Dhamale LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2019-20
16 Bit Error Rate Performance Analysis of DS-CDMA over AWGN Channel Prof. Vijayalxmi Kumbhar LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2019-20
17 Automatic Silk worm Egg Counting Mechanism Prof Rupali Kawade LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2019-20
18 Analysis of Routing Protocol for MANET using RSS Prof Kishor Wane LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2019-20
19 Fusion of Face and Ear for person Identification Prof Arti Tekade LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2019-20
20 Canny Operator Based DRLSE Algorithm for Medical Image Segmentation Prof Dipali Dhake LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2019-20
21 Arbitrary Ratio Image Resizing using DCT Prof. Maithili Andhare 978-620-2-52784-2 LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2019-20
22 Analysis and Design of Single phase Bi-Directional Power Converter Dr.R.G.Mapari LAMBERT Academic Publishing 2019-20
23 Computer Networks Dr.R.G.Mapari Techmax Publications 2018-2019
24 Springers Dr.R.G.Mapari Springer Series 2017-18

Additional Book Publication details 2016-2021